5 Things Teens Should Never Post On Social Media

Keep track of what your teen is posting on social media.

Are you constantly trying to monitor what your teen is posting on social media? It can be difficult for parents to keep up with what their kids are posting. That’s because there are so many ways they can hide individual posts and messages. Even though it might feel like a losing battle, it’s one that parents need to keep fighting. Teenagers don’t realize how dangerous it can be to overshare on social media, or that what they post can come back to bite them later on. Parents need to drill into their teens that they should never post these 5 types of things on social media:

Personal Photos

I don’t think it’s a good idea for teens to take “personal” photos, much less post them on social media or send them to people. But kids are kids, and sometimes they make really bad choices. They think they can trust someone with sensitive photos of themselves, not realizing that someday, those photos could end up on a revenge porn site or worse. Keep reminding your teens that personal photos should never be shared, in any format.

Names Or Addresses

Because kids sometimes feel like the people they know on social media are their actual friends, they might give out their full name, address, or phone number. That could be dangerous because not everyone on the Internet is who they say they are. Always remind your teens that their private information should be kept private.

What School They Attend

Teens shouldn't post the name of their school on social media.
Make sure your child never reveals the name of their school online.

Another mistake teens make when posting on social media is giving out the name of their school. If there’s a child predator creeping on your teen’s social media profile, and your child makes their school information public, that person will know exactly where your child will be every day. This is a recipe for disaster. Make sure that your child only shares the name of their school with friends and family members that they know in real life.

Their Location

Tell your teen to turn off GPS services on their smartphone. If they don’t, when posting on social media, their photos and comments will include their location when they posted them. This feature gives possible predators real-time information about where your child is. And that’s pretty scary. So make sure your child protects themselves by disabling their phone’s GPS.

Party Photos

Thanks to social media, party photos have been responsible for some pretty serious consequences. Teens have lost their scholarships, had school acceptances rescinded, and lost jobs at their dream employer because of inappropriate photos posted on their profiles. Keep telling your children over and over that their futures could be ruined by those photos. If they must post photos of them at parties, show them how to enable their privacy settings so they won’t be public. At least that way, they can keep the potential damage to a minimum. But honestly, it’s better if they don’t post those types of photos at all.