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Ryan Baker:

Ryan Baker, Chief Cyber Security Officer
Ryan Baker, Chief Cyber Security Officer


Ryan Baker has over 20 years of experience in the cyber security industry.  From a young age he showed a strong interest in technology.  However, he didn’t take it seriously until he started taking classes at Arizona State University.  It was during that time that the internet boom had just begun.  This inspired him to pursue a degree in information’s technology.  After graduating from ASU, he started working for a small start-up tech company.

It was at this first job that he learned all about cyber security.  He worked alongside other fresh out of college technicians, helping to secure the company’s digital information.  After spending a few years with this company, he moved onto a larger tech firm located in California.  He would remain in the field of cyber security, although he would now be responsible for a team of technicians as well.  To this day, Ryan and his team of technicians work tirelessly to protect the company from every source of cyber threat.

Over the years Ryan has seen just about every type of cyber threat imaginable.  Hackers, viruses, malware, and ransom-ware attacks, just to name a few.  While most companies realize the importance of cyber security, many individuals do not.  In today’s world, so much of our information is stored online.  Whether it’s a browser storing credit card information, or the password to your favorite email.  This information is sensitive and at high risk if you do not take actions to protect yourself.  This is the reason why Ryan decided to start this blog, to help spread the word on the importance of cyber security.

If you would like to know more about Ryan Baker, have any questions about the blog, or if you would like to request a certain topic, don’t hesitate to send him an email.