Are Beats the Best Headphones Out There?

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Thanks to their popularity with cell phones and the fact that they were made by the ultra-cool Dr. Dre, the common assumption out there is that Beats by Dre. Headphones are the best headphones to use with a cell phone which you can also use a cell phone to spy on a text message

Many people would actually question whether Beats are the best headphones to use with a cell phone. They are seen as the hippest, thanks to being made by a popular rapper, but whether they are the best quality headphones, particularly for the price, remains to be seen.

There are plenty of other great headphone manufacturers, such as Bose and Sennheiser, so to just assume that Dre’s popular product is the best the best headphones just because they are expensive is a naïve mistake.

Here are a few of the headphones that stack up well against Beats by Dre when compared.

Great Headphones Besides Beats by Dre


best headphones
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Bose is one of the top competitors of Beats by Dre. NFL actually partnered with Bose to form TEAM BOSE, and one of the biggest hurdles that Beats by Dre has had to face is how the NFL players that use its products have been unable to since the NFL partnered with Bose, at least while on the field warming up.

Bose is known for its excellent noise-cancelling over-ear and on-ear headphones used with all cell phones. They are a part of the reason why Bose is such a fierce competitor of Beats by Dre.  


Sennheiser is right up there with Beats and Bose when it comes to quality. They are also just as expensive. Sennheiser makes high-quality over-ear, in-ear, and on-ear headphones for just about any situation and circumstance.


HereOne is a much less popular brand than the big manufacturers, but they are highly innovative. HereOne makes an in-ear, noise-cancelling headphone that comes with a case that actually charges the headphones for you with up to 3 additional charges. The headphones themselves will only last a few hours before they die, which is why the case is such a necessity. But the sound quality is incredible, and the fact that they cancel noise makes them great for planes as well. They are definitely a competitor of the in-ear models by Beats.  

Shure In-Ears

Any musician that has ever used in-ear headphones knows why these are on this list. Professional in-ear headphones make just about every other headphone seem terrible.

The Verdict

While Beats are trendy and they are definitely quality headphones. But the verdict is in, and for the price you just don’t get what you pay for with Beats. They are great for hip-hop and other bass-heavy genres of music, but they aren’t going to be as balanced if someone is wanting to mostly listen to other kinds of music.

If someone has already invested in a pair of Beats, don’t sweat it. They are still great headphones. But for the price point there are other headphone models out there that are going to provide just as good or even better value.