How to Avoid Scams When Shopping for Cars Online

If a loved one is buying a car online, cell phone spy software can give you peace of mind that they're safe.

When buying a car, most people decide to visit a used or new car dealership. The problem with that is that quite often, they end up spending way too much money. You can usually find much better prices for used cars online. One way is by looking through classified ads on a site like Craigslist. In addition, there are smartphone apps, such as Car Trader or 5miles, where people can find all sorts of amazing deals on used cars. Furthermore, cell phone spy software can help you keep track of a family member if they’re meeting up with someone to purchase a car. If you want to find a great used car deal online, you just need to follow these simple tips and guidelines to stay safe while you shop around.

Don’t Buy Any Amazon Gift Cards

I had once had someone insist that I had to buy an Amazon gift card and send it to them, as this was the only payment method that was approved. You know what? I almost believed them. But it was absolutely ridiculous. If I had done so, there would have been no way for me to get my money back. The best way to buy or sell products when dealing with people online is in person, and with cash.

Ask Them to Call You

Cell phone spy software can help you keep track of someone you think might be a victim of a scam.
Installing cell phone spy software on a relative’s phone is a good way to make sure they’re not being scammed.

If something about a particular interaction is raising some red flags, ask the person to call you. They’ll be sure to give you a call if they legitimately want to do business with you. However, if they’re looking to scam you, they will avoid your request to talk on the phone. That’s when you should end the bargain immediately.

Meet in a Public Place

It’s also important to meet in a public place when conducting some sort of deal online. One of the most overt ways in which people get scammed online is in person. There have been some crazy stories out there, so be sure to meet in a public place and in the daytime when meeting up with someone you’ve never met before. If a loved one is meeting someone they spoke with over the Internet, you may want to install cell phone spy software on their phone. It will keep track of their texts, their current location, and more.

Refuse to Give Out Your Personal Information

Another basic rule when buying or selling goods online is to not to give out your personal information. That’s why you should abstain from giving out more than an email address or phone number. In some cases, an address is okay as well. Never give out your social security number. There’s no reason why the other person would need your birthday either.

Stay safe when shopping online, and be sure to follow these simple tips so that you don’t get scammed or robbed. Make sure to also learn how to protect your cell phone from cyber threats too. Practicing good Internet safety is one of the best things you can do. You never know if the last site your “seller” visited was a criminal defense lawyer‘s site–assume anyone you deal with on the internet is a potential thug.