My Smart Kitchen Makes Family Dinner Fun Again


My husband and I really wanted to give out kids the kind of family dinner experience that we had. In both of our families, we would sit down with our parents every night and with our siblings and have a real family dinner. Even when we had sports and games and classes and things going on everyone had to be home for dinner. My mom would make dinner early, or late, if necessary but everyone had to eat together. And in my husband’s family, it was almost the same and family dinner was an important family bonding time.

Why We Did It

But we had a terrible time trying to recreate the family dinners that both of us experienced growing up. Our kids didn’t seem interested in spending any quality time together and they acted like I was demanding that they hours of physical labor outside in the hot sun if I asked them to help me get dinner ready. So we sadly gave up on family dinner until my husband came up with the idea to transform our kitchen into a smart kitchen and give family dinner another try.

The kids were fascinated by the smart appliances and they could work them with only minimal supervision. So while one kid was making salad another could be making the main course and my husband could be fixing drinks. The kids developed a new interest in cooking and they actually wanted to go grocery shopping with me because they could look into the smart fridge on their phones to see if we needed milk or eggs or some other vital ingredient. My son actually started wanting to plan meals with a spy app and do the cooking himself.

It Worked!

The smart appliances also made it a lot easier and faster to cook dinner. I could turn the oven to preheat when I left the office so it would be ready for cooking as soon as I walked in the door. And by getting a smart dishwasher as long as everyone puts their dishes in the dishwasher after the meal the smart dishwasher will take care of the rest.

It wasn’t cheap to transform our kitchen, and it took a while to replace all of the appliances, but it was worth it. We save money now by cooking at home and by using everything that is in the fridge. We can shop smarter because we can look in the fridge and keep track of what we have and what we need with a smartphone app. And it’s impossible to put on a price on the precious hour or two that we spend as a family preparing and eating dinner together every night. If you have been struggling to get the family time you want with your spouse and your kids to keep your family close as your kids get older think about investing in a smart kitchen makeover. It made a huge difference for us and it might make the difference for you and your family too.