Personal Branding Tips That Will Make Online Dating Easier

If you’re using online dating to find that perfect match you need to be sure that your personal branding is sending the right message so that you will be able to find that person that you’re looking for. I’m an online dating coach and one of the things that I always tell my clients is that your personal branding is going to make a big difference in how successful you are when it comes to online dating. Personal branding isn’t just something that you need to get your career going. It’s also something that you need to get your love life going too. Here’s how to figure out what your online dating brand is:

In order to figure out what your online dating brand is you need to figure out the essence of who you are and figure out how to communicate that to someone else through a dating site. That sounds super intimidating I know, but it’s really not. All you need to do is think about these three questions and come up with a one word answer to each of them.

What Is Your Most Important Value?

Is honesty really important to you? Or maybe fidelity is the value that you place the most emphasis on in a relationship. Do some journaling if you need to in order to get an idea of what really matters the most to you in a relationship. Getting clear about what your priority is in a relationship will help you find that in potential mates.


What Is Your Lifestyle?

Do you place a high value on being active as part of your lifestyle? Or maybe family time is the most important thing to you, or spending time at church. Think about where you spend most of your free time and figure out what type of lifestyle you life now and what type of lifestyle you want to live in the future. That way you can weed out potential matches that don’t value the same kind of lifestyle that you do.

What One Word Describes Your Personality?

This sounds easy but it’s really pretty challenging at first. It’s tough to narrow down your many unique traits to one word that captures the essence of who you are. But think about the qualities that you have and what qualities really define who you are and are what you want to present to the world. Maybe your sense of humor defines your personality, or your positive attitude is what most people think of when they think of you. Figure out the one word that will give potential matches a very good idea of what your personality is.

Once you have those three words you can use them as the basis for your online dating profile. That will help you narrow down the people that contact you by making sure that the people who do contact you have an accurate idea of who you are and what is important to you.

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