How To Protect Your Smart Phone From Cyber Threats

A mobile vault app can help secure your personal information

Smart Phone Protection

In honor of the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, this blog post will be about smart phone security. These days, just about everyone has a smart phone.  And with it the ability to connect to the internet. However, this technological revolution has also brought with it a dark side.  It has never been easier for someone to steal your personal information.  Why you may ask? Because credit card numbers are commonly saved by browsers to provide a quick and easy checkout while shopping online.  Also, social media sites and e-mail addresses are typically left logged in so you can be instantly notified if somebody tries to contact you.  If someone steals your smart phone they can easily gain access to all of this personal information.  Even worse, hackers can break into your devices without you even knowing.  So how can you protect your smart phone?

Mobile Vault App

There is one way you can protect yourself.  By installing a mobile vault app on your smart phone.  In doing so, you can store everything from your messages, social media posts, emails, photos, videos and internet history, all in a secure location.  That way if your phone is ever accessed without your knowledge, you can be rest assured that all your sensitive information is completely safe.

With a mobile vault app installed on your phone, someone breaking in wouldn’t even know where to look to find your sensitive information.  With the stealth feature, available on many of these vault apps, you can disguise the app to look completely benign.  Or better yet, you can choose to not have an app icon at all.  Instead you can access the vault through a pass code on the dial screen. This way no one besides you will even know that you have hidden information.

If you would like to learn more about the mobile vault app or how you can secure your smart phone, check out this website,